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Tina Heals

Tina Heals is One of the best As a spiritual guide of Online Astrologers, Tarot Card Reader, Online Mediatation Services and healer having delved into the occult history of tarot, runes and astrology, I have been a practitioner of yoga and meditation from childhood. A mystic and occultist, I am a content Creator on numerous platforms from video to Blogs. I seek to bring to you a synthesis of diverse traditions and systems ready for a contemporary and modern world synthesized and interpreted from ancient Knowledge.

Online Astrologers In US

The best online astrologers in US who provide not just readings also remedies and then send you reiki to balance those energies. If you know the archetypes present in your natal chart, it will help you navigate life much easier for you will be swimming with the tide, not against it. The natal chart or your astrology is a message from spirit and if we are willing to listen in meditative silence, we can hear the whisperings of the spirit through online astrologer worldwide globally Read More

Tarot Card Reader In USA

The best tarot card reader in USA well as for the rest of the world with answering your questions. We question everything in life; it’s just the way things are. So with the help of tarot and runes from my extensive and exquisite collection of cards coupled with years of experience and readings, I will guide you and illuminate answers to the questions you have. Tarot reflects your intuitive self back at you, so why not discover what lies beneath. Each reading is unique and entails multiple layers of deep meaning like the peels of an onion Read More..

Online Meditation in USA

The best online meditation in USA or any part of the world with me, because my meditation practice is simple. It is about not being active but becoming passive and open to allow spirit to connect with me online Meditation. In such a male-dominated society it is expected to be active and vigilant. The active state of spiritual yearning is prayer. When you pray, you ask for something and actively try to convey to god your feelings. But with such a method, you are so busy trying to speak that you forget to listen. You have incarnated into this 3D world to fulfil your soul’s purpose and if you keep hanging on to your materialism, greed and lust, then you seek to always want external things to please you. Read More..

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